Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Endless Love Affair.

The brand was founded on the concept of wanting to see fashion approached differently. A lingerie, nightwear and loungewear brand that aims to move towards a sustainable, ethical and inclusive future.

We approach every aspect of the brand with a sustainable mindset, from design, to production and right through to packaging. We strive to ensure every trim, fabric and label is consciously sourced.

Our range is carefully created to represent a vintage inspired and timeless edge. We may have some pieces with a fashion feel, but ultimately our products are made to be loved forever.

We don’t endorse seasonal or trend-led collections, as we believe it fuels overproduction and overconsumption and items to be excessively discarded. Slow fashion is the sustainable way to shop, to discover truly timeless items to be loved year after year.



All of our packaging has been made to be recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable.

Our polybags are completely plastic free, constructed from a starch-based resin that is completely biodegradable. Minimising any lasting damage to the environment.

We carefully source every aspect of our packaging, right down to the tissues that add the finishing touch to your new item. Our tissue paper is made from recycled paper and is made using acid free dye, while our stickers are made from wood-free pulp.



All main fabrics we use will be made from sustainable options such as bamboo. Always responsibly sourced.

We even ensure details such as our back neck and wash care labels are constructed from recycled polyester.

While some trims such as lycra are not yet sustainable, we are constantly looking for eco-conscious alternatives. Striving to make our products fully sustainable where possible, while not compromising on quality.



Throughout the production process, we ensure to source partners and factories that fit with our brand ethics. This includes from the initial sourcing of materials, to printing and to garment workers.

We ensure that we work with factories that meet all social and environmental standards. From a fair working hours, wages and no child labour.